About StreetScape

StreetScape is a design/development/construction company focused on urban-infill development projects. The concepts of New Urbanism are inherent in our neighborhoods, as we build within existing enduring, sustainable, and vibrant small urban communities.

StreetScape’s endeavors began with the development of 26 Front Porch Revival homes in Libertyville, IL. The planning of the homes is designed to be in harmony with the additional transformation of the historic Central School building into 15 Urban lofts.

StreetScape has proposed to enhance School Street’s residents quality of life to align with the cultural shift in America of how people want to live; a lifestyle that has been previously unavailable at reasonable prices. The School Street development promotes a New Urban lifestyle that is connected to the community, pedestrian friendly, less excessive, more sensitive to the environment, and within steps of Libertyville’s vibrant downtown.

In addition, StreetScape engages homebuyers in the design process with our team of experts, to customize floor plans and exterior designs. The architectural design, both inside and out, becomes paramount in delivering enduring homes for both the homebuyers and the community. StreetScape is able to deliver this high level of architectural design support through a sophisticated system of integrated design and delivery using concepts of controlled customization.

To learn more and receive our blog updates, subscribe to this blog through the main home page. Also feel free to contact our office or stop in to see what all of the buzz is about:

StreetScape Development, LLC
158 East Cook Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048
 (224) 513-5691

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