NY Times Opinion Article “Shifting the Suburban Paradigm”

Former Dwell Magazine Editor in Chief, Allison Arrieff, wrote a fantastic piece this week arguing for the reinvention of the single-family home.

We believe SchoolStreet is an example of her proposed paradigm shift, in that each house addresses how its inhabitants really live, and we are making this financially possible through our working laboratory – developing innovative design and delivery methods for each subsequent home. Our nearby, off-site, prefabrication field, has increased productivity, reduced worker fatique, and had some of the homes’ walls framed before the foundation was even poured. The soon-to-be released Customer Web-Portal will give customers real-time access to all of their project information. And we are developing architectural rulesets so that we can deliver true design customization to our homebuyers in an efficient, controlled virtual environment.

StreetScape welcomes this paradigm shift, because we believe we have a process, design system, and delivery method to efficiently deliver homebuyers with a home that is tailored to their lifestyles.

Arieff explains it best when she says, “There is a demand for smaller, more energy-efficient homes in less car-dependent neighborhoods; all aspects of the industry, from designers to lenders to planners to consumers, should meet it. In this era of anti-government fervor, subsidizing the American Dream isn’t an option; transforming it is the only one we’ve got.”

This model is contrary to the traditional cookie-cutter homebuilder’s, and the success of SchoolStreet is a prime example that this shift is real, and we are on the cutting edge of this new single-family home.

Make sure to read the NY Times article:


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